Erika and the Princes in Distress

It’s a story that breaks gender stereotypes! Taking place in a world of heroic fantasy dominated by powerful women. They have the swords! Erika, our heroine, intends to succeed her mother on the throne except that.... She doesn’t want to get married.

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Goblins 3: Failing Apart is released in November!

Witness more exuberant failures of the little green guys in this new book of goblins. They’re back and ready to get splattered on the walls, their inside used as paint by neo-impressionists and, as always, fall by the hand of heroes, all for our amusement!

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Hopeless, Maine 3: Victims is released in June!

Salamandra and Owen do their best to cope with this new danger to is¬land residents while investigating a new rash of disappearances. More fantasy, and gothic mystery is underway.

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Sloth Comics publish Penny Blackfeather Vol 2 'In High Spirits' by Francesca Dare


Penelope Blake is back along with the ghost of her pirate grandfather, a very special parrot and the enigmatic (if somewhat incompetent) adventurer she protects.

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Sloth Comics publish Sinners - Hopeless, Maine Vol 2 by Tom & Nimue Brown


Welcome back to Hopeless, the festering thriving island community off the coast of Maine. Enjoy its lively night life, unique weather and notorious renowned cuisine.

Sloth Comics proudly presents Sinners, volume two of Hopeless Maine.

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