Sloth is not very fast when getting back to people to be honest (the clue is in the name of the company) but you are more than welcome to get in touch and we will reply to all genuine messages we receive…eventually.

At the moment Sloth is not accepting unsolicited submissions but this could change in the future. If we do open up submissions, please don’t send superhero titles, biographies or anything profound, political or even remotely serious. We are all about the thrills and spills and laughs at Sloth. Make sure you look at our existing catalogue to get a feel for what we do before sending anything.


Should you submit work to us and we tell you that we are considering it for publication we ask you to confirm that it hasn’t been submitted elsewhere.

We are looking for completed novels, approximately 100 – 200 pages long, that are ready to be taken to print. This could include web comics with a significant archive that we can flick through and decide if we would like to do a print version or not. Don’t send anything that contravenes the law in any way.


If you do send us work and don’t hear back from us please don’t be offended, we just don’t have time to reply to everyone unfortunately.

If you are reviewers and want pdfs of our titles please

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