About This Project

Do you want to get involved with roller derby as a player, official, or referee? Have you recently begun playing junior roller derby? Maybe all you want to do is learn more about the sport that your loved ones and friends enjoy.

This book explains the fundamentals of roller derby, which are depicted with roller derby animals, make it simple to understand the sport, how it is played, the regulations, the penalties, and even some of the basic strategies.

Perfect for new players, junior roller derby players and their parents and guardians to get to grips with the sport, this book is made to explain all basics of the sport to help everyone who wants to understand what is going on track in a fun and playful way, accessible to all.

Cover by Gary Erskine/Anna Malady, creator of Roller Grrrls!

Key Selling Points:
-An easy entry point to the complicated sport of roller derby
-Perfect for friends and family of players to help understand their loved one’s favourite sport
-Accessible to anyone who has not had the rules explained to them
-Perfect for children wanting to start playing junior roller derby
-Ideal for new skaters

-Sport/Roller derby
-Illustrated book
-Anthropomorphic animals
-All ages


Author & Artist: Fnic Cover by Gary Erskine
170mm x 260mm
32 Full Colour Pages
ISBN: 978-1-908830-21-0
Price: £5.99