About This Project

It’s a story that breaks gender stereotypes! Taking place in a world of heroic fantasy dominated by powerful women. They have the
swords! Erika, our heroine, intends to succeed her mother on the throne except that…. She doesn’t want to get married, which makes things complicated. The only way for her to rule without a husband is to complete a quest: save the princes in distress!

This first adventure leads us to a world where pastries are the centre of a society and parodies the classic fairytale of Snow White. Erika has to save Egg-White from his stepfather, the king and his evil sidekick, Glucose. Eager to prove herself, Erika and her trusty companions will attempt to save the prince and free the Floating Island from the deadly, newly-legal, barley sugar!

Following the book’s amazing success in France in self-publishing, Yatuu is now taking the world by storm through Webtoon and has
been featured on Webtoon Canvas with only 15 episodes out! Erika and the Princes in Distress has now amassed over 3,000 subscribers and 45,000 reads on Webtoon!

Key Selling Points:
– An incredible adventure for all ages in a comedy, fantasy world
– A fantasy epic challenging gender roles through gender reversal
– A refreshing change from stereotypical princess stories parodying classic fairy tales
– Over 3,000 subscribers and
47,000 reads on Webtoon with just 15 episodes out!

– Comic books
– Fantasy
– All ages
– Comedy
– Adventure
– Gender politics


Author & Artist: Yatuu
148mm x 210mm
316 Full Colour Pages
ISBN: 978-1-908830-18-0
Price: £17.99