Goblins 3

About This Project

Behind the walls of his evil fortress, the Lord of Darkness has called his troops to his side to launch a final attack on the forces of good. Demons, dragons, orcs, and trolls, amass around him, axes and fangs sharpened, ready to slaughter. His forces reach as far as the eye can see. He wields infinite power] The world’s future is at risk and its demise inevitable… Although a glimmer of hope remains, for the Lord of Darkness has made one fatal mistake, he has called for the help of goblins as well] And they are sure to ruin any plan they are part of. Witness more exuberant failures of the little green guys in this new book of goblins. They’re back and ready to get splattered on the walls, their inside used as paint by neo-impressionists and, as always, fall by the hand of heroes, all for our amusement]


Author & Artist: Roulot & Martinage
260mm x170mm
96 Full Colour Pages
ISBN: 978-1-908830-17-3
Price: £8.97