About This Project

This volume concludes the whole epic Hopeless, Maine graphic novel story arc. Salamandra, our young experimental occultist, faces and becomes entangled with the malign entity that possesses the island and we discover who the survivors are, and what sort of a life they might have. There are vampires and sinister cultists, werewolves ghosts and goblins, because this is still that sort of story. None of these entities behave in the way you might expect, because this is also that sort of story.

Everyone you love is gone, and you are all alone in a world of monsters and demons and slithering wet things from the deep. Your best friend hates you. Your guardians think you’re a burden, and wherever you go disaster and destruction and misery is sure to follow. You should put this book down, for gods sake, and stop reading it now, but its too late, it has you in its net, and slowly, steadily it is pulling you ashore. Hopeless Maine, or as you call it now…’Home’.

-Leah Moore on Hopeless, Maine


Key Selling Points:
-An incredible adventure endorsed by Leah Moore and John Reppion
-A fantasy epic for all ages which continues the saga of Salamandra
-A world containing an uncanny collection of monsters and creatures illustrated with perfection

Previews available online on: hopelessvendetta.wordpress.com/

-Comic books
-All ages
-Female protagonist


Author & Artist: Tom and Nimue Brown
A5 148mm x 210mm
116 Full Colour Pages
ISBN: 978-1-908830-22-7
Price: £9.99