Welcome back to Hopeless, the festering thriving island community off the coast of Maine. Enjoy its lively night life, unique weather and notorious renowned cuisine.

Sloth Comics proudly presents Sinners, volume two of Hopeless Maine.

Salamandra O’Stoat starts to uncover answers about her past and also more about the nature of the island that is (unfortunately) her home, with the help of her friend Owen. Owen claims to be the only known person to have left Hopeless and now he has returned to find the island in the throes of a mysterious epidemic.

Hopeless, Maine resembles the unholy offspring of Miyazaki and H.P.Lovecraft and has generated a loyal following since initial publication.

The comic itself has given rise to a host of related products and projects making Hopeless an immersive world for its fans.

The Hopeless Vendetta website (named after the local paper for the islanders) showcases short stories and faux journalism from the Hopeless online community.

A Hopeless, Maine Role Playing Game is soon to be released – there is high quality merchandise in the form of enamel pins and a tarot deck also in the pipeline.

Once you visit Hopeless you will never be able  want to leave.

“Winner of the American Library Association’s 2013 ‘Great Graphic Novels For Teens’ award, previously published by Archaia Entertainment. Hopeless, Maine is something to behold. Nimue and Tom Brown have created something special here, and I think it’s about time for the world to discover Hopeless, Maine.”

Thomas Sniegoski (NY Times best selling author of The Fallen)

“With so many fantasy lands out there for readers to explore, it takes something rather special to stand out from the pack. With its bold heroine and endlessly intriguing universe, Hopeless Maine is that something.”

Paul Alborough (Professor Elemental)

“Hopeless Maine is calling to me once more. I must leave you now…”

Steven Savile