Bludzee – Newly Released

About This Project

Eisner Nominated, French comic book legend Lewis Trondheim, known for his work on the series Dungeons and multi-award-winning comics

Bludzee, a six-month-old black cat bred with unusually long claws to become an assassin! His adventures begin when his owner goes missing. Left to fend for himself, without much knowledge of the world, Bludzee gets himself into trouble faster than he can get out of it.

Going online, he starts chatting with a stranger called Doodaï who tries to help him find out where he is and why he was abandoned. Starting with visits from a big blue dog and the police, Bludzee’s life takes an odd turn of adventure and shenanigans and unexpected suspense as he meets murderers, assassins and rogue scientists.


Author and Artist: Lewis Trondheim
175mm x 132mm
384 full colour pages
ISBN: 978-1-908830-20-3